Loved the book and want to share more?

Feel free to try one of these extra credit projects.

*You must have teacher approval before beginning.

- Act out a scene from the novel. Include a written script for the teacher to follow. You need to use props and dress in costume.

- Paint and/or color a mural showing a major event in the novel. Include characters and scenery.

- Create a dictionary of Indian words. Write the words, draw the symbol and write the meanings. Site your sources.

- Create a detailed time-line of events from the novel.

- Research Penobscot history and write a comprehensive report on your findings about their history and culture.

- Redesign the cover to make it more appealing and attractive to other children who might be looking for a book.

Do you have any other ideas? Write a proposal for us and we'll work together to create an extra credit project just for you.