Proof That They are Friends
Proof That They are Not Friends
pg. 28 The Indian Boy did not speak...
Q.1 pg. 37-In the book it said that Matt thought of Attean as a savage.Yes, Attean and Matt are friends just in a strange way.
pg. 58 Attean taught Matt another secret of the forest.
pg. 54 For some reason he could not explain to himself, he trusted Attean. He didn't really like him. When the indian got that disdainful look in his eyes, Matt hated him.
pg.51 Attean still came everyday, though there was no longer any need to bring meat and fish.
pg. 32-33 Matt tries to teach Attean English but Attean refuses.
pg. 65 Even though Attean annoyed him,Matt was constantly goaded to keep trying to win this this strange boy's respect.
pg 51 So often Attean Matt feel uncomfortable and ridiculous
pg 73 Attean saved Matt's life and killed the bear that was after Matt.
pg.65 It was ridiculous to think that he and Attean could ever really be friends. Sometimes he wished that he could never see Attean again.
pg.54 But somehow, as they sat side by side, day after day, doing the lessons that neither of them wanted to do, something had changed.
pg. 38 "White man not smart like indian" Attean said scornfully. "Indian not need thing from ship. Indian make all thing he need."
pg. 77 Attean invites Matt to his tribe in celebration of the killing of the bear they killed.

pg. 82 Matt was sitting alone and Attean sat with him on the bench.



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