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Penobscot Indian Fact Sheet for Kids

4th Grade Native American Research on the Penobscot Indians

Official Website of the Penobscot Indian Nation

Books for students:

Thanks to the Hudson Museum at the University of Maine's Website for compiling these book resources on Maine Indians.

Duvall, Jill. The Penobscot . Children's Press: Chicago. 1993. This book is written very simply. Each short chapter focuses on one topic of the Penobscot, including many photos and illustrations. Designed for lower to middle elementary school level students.

Calloway, Colin G. The Abenaki . Chelsea House Publishers: New York. 1989. This book focuses on the Abenaki , including the Passamaquoddy, Penobscot, Maliseet, and Micmac. It is divided into six sections: The People of the Dawnland; Society, Art, and Culture; Traders, Diseases, and Missionaries; Wars and Migrations; The Survival of the People; and the Abenaki Today. It has many photos and illustrations. Designed for grades four and up.

Whitehead, Ruth Holmes & McGee, Harold. The Micmac, How Their Ancestors Lived Five Hundred Years Ago . Nimbus Publishing Limited: Halifax, Nova Scotia. 1983. This book focuses on the heritage of the Micmac. It is divided into four sections: Abundant Forest, Rivers of Fish; Family and Community; Traditional Micmac Skills; and Medicine and Magic. Includes many illustrations. Designed for grades 4 and up.

McBride, Bunny. Women of the Dawn . 1999. The biography of four Wabanaki women living in four different centuries; Molly Mathilde, Molly Ockett, Molly Molasses, and Molly Dellis Nelson. Appropriate for high school level students.

A Wabanaki Guide to Maine . Produced by the Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance (MIBA) (2000). A guide to Maine's oldest art forms. The Guide is divided into regions: Penobscot River Valley, Acadia, Downeast, Aroostook, and North Woods—the traditional homelands of Maine's Penobscot, Passamaquoddy, Micmac and Maliseet peoples. Also includes a Cultural Resource Directory featuring artists, storytellers, and performers and how to contact them. Profiles on Museums with Maine Indian collections, and listings of events, native-owned businesses, non-native-owned businesses, and tribal government offices along with contact information.

Indians of the Northeast Coast . Cobblestone. November 1994. Volume 15. This issue includes eight articles: Native Peoples of the Northeast, Historic Moments in a 10,000-Year Heritage, No Ordinary Shells, Farming Before the Mayflower, Passamaquoddy Drum Ceremony, Coyote and the Stars, Lacrosse: Yesterday and Today, and Face to Face. These articles provide useful but broad information on the Wabanaki tribes.