Creating, Planning, and Presenting Your Project

Your assignment is to choose one of the themes on the themes page and create a project around it. You may also choose to do a vocabulary project or a project about the setting. Here are some things of which you need to be aware:

Some Basic Information

  1. You will be working in a group to complete your project.
    • This means you need to think about how to coordinate the project.
      • What are the different steps needed to complete the assignment?
      • Who will complete each step?
      • How will you communicate with your group members?
      • How will you be sure each member is working his/her hardest?
  2. Your teachers are here to assist you.
    • Your teachers know tools that can assist you in communicating with your group members.
    • Your teachers can suggest tools that can assist you in presenting your final project.
    • Your teachers can assist with research needed to complete your assignments.
    • Your teachers will not complete the assignment for you.
  3. Your final project should include some basic information.
    • Be sure to include:
      • The book title and author
      • A brief summary of the book
      • Citations showing where you found your information and/or pictures you used
      • The answers to each question listed under your theme choice
      • Proof from the story - examples of your theme. Include page number and quote.
      • Your names
  4. Your final project should be engaging to read, view, or listen to.
    • It should be colorful.
    • If it is written, it should be well-edited for grammar, spelling, and punctuation.
    • If it is oral, it should be clearly understood.
    • If it is acted, it should be clearly heard and well-edited.
    • If it is drawn, the pictures should be detailed.

Some Project Ideas

You may choose one of these projects, or a combination of two or more. Or you may have an idea of your own. Please check with your teachers before completing your own project.


  • Who in the world uses survival skills today? Find these people and research or interview them. Have survival skills changed since the 1700s?
  • Create a resource for others demonstrating survival skills.
    • This can be a comparison of 1700s survival skills taken right out of the book and survival skills for today's world.
    • Your resource can be in the form of:
      • a comic book
      • a newspaper with articles about people surviving and explaining how they survived
      • a news report with interviews of survivalists and/or Matt and Attean
  • Interview survivalists.
    • Create a podcast series of these interviews.


  • How do you make friends? Are all your friendships the same? What makes them different? Describe Matt and Attean's friendship. How did their relationship develop?
  • Create a how-to video demonstrating ways to make friends.
  • Create a timeline following Matt and Attean's progress in their relationship.

Fear and Courage

  • When do Matt and/or Attean shows signs of fear? Of courage? When have you demonstrated fear? Courage? Are these necessarily different times? Describe in a blog.
  • Act out the events where Matt and/or Attean show both fear and courage. Record it as a video.
  • Create a PowerPoint explaining how fear and courage are related. Include examples from the book and real life.


  • There are many examples in the book when pride prevents either Matt or Attean from achieving a goal. Make a list of these examples and explain how each situation could have been changed. Rewrite these portions of the book. You may choose to use MixBook to display your newly written portions.
  • In the 1700s, both Native Americans and settlers had pride in their land. Find out how each group felt about America. What were the differences? How did this pride affect their societies?

Gender Roles

  • There are some very clear differences in the expectations for girls and boys in Attean's family. Explain these differences. You may present your findings in a few ways.
    • Create a picture book for boys and one for girls explaining their role in society.
    • Create a brochure for both boys and girls teaching them how to behave in their society.
  • Matt's family also had different rules for boys and girls. What were they? Do we have these same rules today? Find proof that either we have no separate rules for boys and girls today or proof that we do. The media would be the best place to find your proof. You may:
    • Create a news report with your findings.
    • Create a poster with your findings.


  • Both Matt and Attean have strong family connections. Find proof in the book of these connections. How do these connections help each boy achieve his goals? What proof do you have in your life of strong family connections? How do these connections help you find success? You may present your findings in a few ways.
    • Write a blog about families. Include pictures.
    • Write a song about the importance of families, including proof from the book and your life.
    • Create a VoiceThread about families and connections, including examples from the book and your life.